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Marketing concept with city traffic intersection

2019 Automotive Trends

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are no longer “bleeding-edge” technology.  Faster recharging times, longer ranges, and the variety of models to choose from have made electric a more popular choice.  Upcoming will be more integration with charging stations, analytics, Connected Utilities, and Smart Cities, to name a few.  All vehicles will experience higher levels of integration but electric vehicles offer additional opportunities to enhance the driver experience.

Vehicle as a Marketplace

Vehicles become more “connected” every passing year.  Connection used to just mean satellite radio and OnStar.  Connection technology is not only advancing powertrains and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Internet of Things (IoT) technology is being applied to interiors and a wide array of connected services including shopping. Soon, from the comfort of your vehicle, you will have the ability to access an enormous range of on-demand services such as fuel, parking, food ordering, and hotel bookings, just to name a few. Brands will soon be competing for your attention and money with valuable offers and memberships.

Driverless Shuttles and Taxis

You may remember the cult classic movie, The Fifth Element, which featured shuttles to Mars and self-flying taxis. We are not quite there yet but in the not-so-distant future, driverless/autonomous vehicles will be commonly in use.  Taxi and shuttle services will likely be the first adopters of this technology, though car manufacturers, mobility service providers and the developers of the technology itself are all pushing fast to be the first to debut autonomous shared transportation.

Amazon for Auto Parts

Due to the ever-increasing average vehicle age, the automotive aftermarket continues to thrive and grow; analysts predict it could reach $12 billion this year.  Online retail giant, Amazon, continues to move into this market with strategic alliances such as a partnership with Sears Auto Centers to offer installation and balancing for customers purchasing tires on Amazon. Amazon has also partnered with GM and Volvo to offer in-vehicle delivery of packages, and even developing Alexa speakers designed for cars. Same-day delivery services have also been expanded by Amazon allowing DIY customers and commercial operations to receive parts immediately.  E-commerce is an outgrowing brick-and-mortar in every industry and the automotive parts industry is no exception.  Amazon’s entry and success in this market have been favorable due to its expertise in e-commerce.  How favorable, remains to be seen. 

Who is Buying Cars?

Buying a new vehicle is a major purchase for most households.  Vehicles remain important to our daily lives and culture as 85% of Americans have a drivers’ license.  Check out these interesting facts about automotive purchases in 2019.

  • Baby Boomers purchase 62% of new cars in the US.
  • SUV purchases are dominated by those aged 25 – 54 at 43%.
  • The average age of a car or truck buyer is 53.
  • Males still purchase most new vehicles at a rate of 57%.
  • 93% of new vehicles are purchased by homeowners.

Share your thoughts below about these automotive trends; we would love to hear from you!

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